Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our little jellybean!

Call it what you will, but my little jellybean is growing up so fast. It now has little stubby arms with little stubby fingers. My wife and I have heard the heartbeat at the doctors and the baby is healthy and kicking. Literally, we have a hard time hearing the heart beat, but no trouble hearing the beat of the babies little legs kicking away. I think he/she's already bruised Em's liver. My baby is gonna come out ready to play. Our hopes like everyone is that we have a happy and moderatly quiet baby. We want a talkative baby of course, just not one that cries it's little head off. We are very excited though and soon we will be able to add a gender and name to this little squirt. I love it already! Coming from a family of 7 sisters and being an uncle 17 times over (36 including Em's family), I feel I am more than ready to raise a child of my own. The more I sit and think about it the more happy I become. How awesome the responsibility to raise one of God's children! I'm honored! BRING ON THE JELLYBEAN, I'M READY!