Monday, January 12, 2009

My Life and My Strength

Beyond the thoughts,
Of a scattered brain,
Beyond the whims,
Of choice like rain.
Comes the joy of my life,
And the strength of my will,
To keep a smile on my face,
For my journey uphill.
I tell you now,
From the beat in my chest,
Where my life and my will,
Have served me best!
First, my life I pursue,
And the pleasure therein,
Are the one and the two,
To keep the happiness in.
My mate forever,
My child so pure;
Place faith in a man,
With a destiny unsure.
How do they trust?
Why do they Love?
The answer I know,
Sung sweet as a dove!
Bound tight by chains,
Yet free as nature,
Our love remains,
As the grandest feature!
My life on Earth,
Made sense at last,
By the One and the Two,
And the shadow they cast.
Next my will and my wish,
To do well by these two,
Is strong to the end,
'Cause the kiss and the coo.
My mate pushes gently,
My child laughs daily,
To help me dream,
And create my destiny.
Without them both,
I'm merely a boy,
On the edge of an ocean,
No will and no joy.
Now bring them together,
You'll see in my face,
My life and my will,
Forever in place!
I owe them alone,
My spirit and heart,
As the sun has shown,
We will never part!

My Love will always go out first to you Emily, the reason my heart beats!
And to you Kaiya, the reason I move forward with faith!
Thank you both for my life!

Joseph Brett Shurtleff